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Card Rarity
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Collectibles are limited edition by nature, available in different rarity/tier levels, where each level represents a different level of scarcity. Rarity level directly affects pack pricing. Collectibles are numbered with a serial number and the Rarity is listed on the Card Front in the bottom-right corner using the first letter of the rarity (C=Common).


Card Types
Card Rarity


Definition Max Mint Count Coin Value




Collectibles that do not have a guaranteed scarcity; the final instance count is not known at the time that collectibles are first made available to the general public. n/a Depends on Card Type, generally below 10 coins
Debut D (purple) An artist's first collectible that can be minted by collectors using coins. 20 (generally) Generally 10 coins
Deluxe D Common rarity cards that are enhanced with special content. n/a Generally at least 5 coins
Rare R Collectibles that top out at a maximum count of 1,000 instances. 1000 Generally at least 100 coins
Mythical M 1:1 collectible, meaning only one will ever be created. 1 Generally at least 100 coins
Legendary L

Collectibles that top out at a maximum count of 100 instances.

Must have some benefit, preferably offline/in real life

100 Generally at least 1,000 coins


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