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Dapper Starter Pack Promotion - FAQ
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Updated in July 2022 to reflect changes including the end date of the promotion. 


How did the promotion work and what were the requirements?

In order to redeem the $10 promotion, you must have purchased a pack from any of our active pack drops —minimum spend was $10 or above. The promotion was limited to one $10 rebate per Dapper Wallet user. Purchases from the secondary Marketplace or artist and label Storefronts were excluded. The promotion was time-limited to purchases made on or before June 10, 2022 at 16:00 GMT. The $10 was credited to your Dapper Wallet balance within ten to fourteen days of purchase.  


Where can I use my Dapper Wallet?

You can use your Dapper Wallet to purchase anything on RCRDSHP. Buy one of the packs from our drops, visit the secondary market, or check out one of our artist or label Storefronts and get any card or pack of your liking. All goodies are available for purchase with your connected Dapper Wallet.


I bought a pack from a pack drop, but I was not reimbursed $10. What went wrong?

This could be due to several reasons:

  • You were late for the party. Only purchases made on or before June 10, 2022 at 16:00 GMT will get $10 redeemed into their Dapper Wallets.

  • You bought a pack with your RCRDSHP balance or a credit card. Anyone can buy a pack, but only those making a purchase with Dapper Wallet will get the $10 redeemed.


If these reasons don't apply to you and you think should have received a $10 reimbursement, please submit a support request so we can look into your account. 


I'm having troubles purchasing with my Dapper Wallet

Check the following: 

  • Dapper Wallet is a pop-up, so make sure you have the pop-up blocker disabled


What other goodies do you have in store for ‘Dapper Starter Pack’ buyers?

To celebrate the Dapper Wallet RCRDSHP integration we have more goodies in store. During the first 24-hours of the promotion, anyone who purchased any RCRDSHP NFT received a 'RCRDSHP x Dapper’ NFT that gives you access to special events and more free NFTs. This free NFT was be airdropped to your RCRDSHP account if you made a qualifying purchase.  


What is in the ‘Dapper Starter Pack’?

Want to know more? Go to our ‘What’s in the Drop?! Dapper Starter Pack blog post via our Medium page. 


I bought a pack with my Dapper Wallet. Now what?

Open it to see all the goodies inside! Check out your collection and listen to great tracks from the very best in electronic music. Join our Discord and start chatting with our amazing community. Read our ‘First Week At RCRDSHP’ article for more steps to complete this week. Watch a RCRDSHP 101 video to be guided through how to play on the site. For help with how to open an RCRDSHP pack bought with your Dapper Wallet, see here.


If I sell a pack or collectible on RCRDSHP, is the balance credited in my Dapper Wallet?

Proceeds from selling a pack or any other collectible in our Marketplace will go to your RCRDSHP balance. At present, it is not possible to transfer a balance from RCRDSHP to your Dapper Wallet. 


Can I move my collectibles to my Dapper Wallet?

Not at the moment! It’s on the roadmap, but for now it is only possible to move collectibles to your RCRDSHP collection from your Dapper Wallet. 


What are the limitations of packs stored in my Dapper Wallet?

Packs or collectibles purchased via Dapper Wallet will appear in a Dapper Wallet tab within your RCRDSHP collection. To perform any action on your packs they need to be moved to your main RCRDSHP collection, including opening those packs. In case this is a little confusing, here is a quick how-to article to help. Once in your RCRDSHP collection, you can open the pack or, once the drop sells out, you can list it on our Marketplace for sale—it’s up to you.


How can I use the collectibles that I have bought with Dapper Wallet?

There are currently some limitations to the functionality of collectibles while they are held within your Dapper Wallet. You can view all your collectibles within the Dapper Wallet tab of your RCRDSHP collection, including accessing all the content within. You can also access RCRDHSP functionality such as placing collectibles in your showcase, or in your hand. In order to access some of the really epic features on RCRDSHP, you will need to move the cards to your RCRDSHP collection.

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