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Your First Week at RCRDSHP
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So, it’s your first week at RCRDSHP? Welcome, we are so happy you are here! Let’s help you with setting up and starting your digital music collection.

You may be wondering what this site is, what are digital collectibles, and heck, how to even pronounce RCRDSHP (it’s “record shop” by the way). This article will be your guide to trying out everything you need to know to get started.

What is RCRDSHP?

We believe that Music is Valuable and we know that today the music industry only shares 12% of revenue with artists. Those that want to make a living from making music must tour and market themselves incessantly on social media in order to stay relevant. When the pandemic destroyed live events, most artists have found themselves without enough income to survive.

RCRDSHP is on a mission to build The Next Format™ in music, and we offer independent record labels and artists a platform where they can offer new releases and reissue back catalog titles as exclusive limited edition digital assets, backed by non-fungible tokens (NFT) and powered by the FLOW blockchain.

If there’s anything we can do to help, reach out on our support page or join our Discord to connect with our amazing community (more details below).

What Should You Do?

1. Buy a Pack

This might be how you came to RCRDSHP in the first place... if yes, skip to the next step.

What is a Pack? A pack contains one or more cards that are unrevealed until you open the pack. The cards within the pack are randomized - so you never really know what you’re going to get... this makes opening packs pretty exciting! You might get a rare card, but you’ll definitely get some amazing music and content.

If you haven’t bought a pack yet, check out our Starter Pack (or one of our Artist Packs if you see one you like on the Drops page).

2. Open a Pack

You’ve got a pack... now let’s open it!

From your collection, go to Packs and click on a pack. You’ll see the option to Open (or List for Sale - you can’t sell a pack if the pack is still for sale in the Drop).

Once you open a pack, you cannot list it for sale - but you can list the individual cards on the Market. Once you open it, you’ll see unrevealed cards that you need to click to reveal. This reveal is arguably something that is the most fun.. We love the rush of ripping!

Pro-tip: “Ripping” a pack is another way to say opening a pack. Imagine a physical pack of cards wrapped in tinfoil that you need to rip.

Once you’ve ripped your pack, it’s time to go to your collection and listen to you newly acquired music!

3. View Your Collection and Listen to Music

From your collection, open up a card. Minimally, all cards have a front and back “face” and a description. If you’ve opened a Release card (learn more about card types here), you’ll see a play button beside the track(s). Go ahead and play the song. If you like it, you can download it to add it to your personal playlists, or you can start to create a playlist on RCRDSHP by clicking the + icon.

An even easier way to listen to your music is to acquire the DJ card, and when you enable the functionality by putting it in your hand, you’ll see the Music tab at the top of your collection. You can learn more about other capabilities on the site in this article.

Now that you’ve started listening to some of the music you own, you should hit up the Market to find some other music to add to your collection.

4. Hit Up the Market

If you didn’t get a card you wanted in the initial drop, the Market is where you can go to trade cards and packs with other Players.

The market offers you lots of filters to narrow down your search, or if you have a specific collectible in mind, use the search bar.

Once you’ve narrowed down a collectible you want to learn more about, click to view. You can preview tracks before you buy, see what kind of locked content is inside, and decide if you want to buy the lowest “floor price” collectible, or scroll down to see all the current listings to decide if you want a special serial number.

If you want to sell something from your collection, navigate to the collectible you want to sell then click “List for Sale” you’ll notice there is a commission taken (12.5% for cards and 25% for artists) - these cover resale fees and also goes right back in the pocket of the artist. Did you know that RCRDSHP paid out $600,000 to artists in it’s first 6 months of operations?

Now that you know how to buy and sell, connect with our RCRDSHP Community to help take you on the next step.

5. Join the Community

We’ve got some of the friendliest community members out there! Come say hi and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Discord is where a lot of us hang out, you can join us here. If you’ve never been on Discord before, think of it as a big forum where everyone can all contribute to the conversation. Even our CEO, Obie Fernandez, hangs out in there sometimes! Although, he normally chats in our OGAF private channel.

What is OGAF? It stands for “Original Gangsta As Fuck” (sorry mom), and is a badge of honor many of our community members wear. To join the club you can pick up the entire RCRDSHP OG set, connect your Discord on our Social Accounts page, and voila! Your name will appear in purple in discord and we’ll welcome you to the club!

If you’re not a fan of Discord, follow the social channel you love the most for updates:

    RCRDSHP Website:






Now that you’ve made some friends, compete with them in RCRDSHP Challenges!

6. Start with Challenges & Gaming

We love to stay engaged with challenges! Check out our Challenges page to see what is available to do right now.

Rewards in the past vary from new Cards or Packs, rare (or mythical) Cards, access to artists via private virtual events, tickets to shows, merch, and so much more (there was even a trip to Berlin - that COVID rudely put on hold).

Perhaps one of our most favorite rewards was the RCRDSHP Studio event with The Disco Fries & Lena Leon! Fans who completed the steps in the challenge were given access to a private Discord room and participated in track decisions while the artists were live-streaming and editing the Won’t Be The Same track. The final NFT of the new track listed all of the participants as co-producers!

To get ready for challenges, start getting knowledgeable about some of the gamification we have on RCRDSHP including how to put things in your hand, how to burn cards, how to mix cards, and other known utilities. There are also some secret utilities… you’ll have to ask our community to see what they’ve found so far!

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