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Starter Packs
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To welcome new collectors and celebrate our loyal RCRDSHP fam, we’ve put together a new type of pack: the ‘Starter Pack’! These packs will include a variety of some of the best house, techno, trance, and EDM to help start or expand your collection.

Unlike regular packs, which are sold for a limited time in a drop, Starter Packs are designed to always be available and to help introduce players to RCRDSHP.

With our first Starter Pack, just $9 gets you started with three awesome collectibles: an artist or label, a release, and a cultural artifact. Grab a pack and own a piece of The Next Format™ in music!

REMEMBER: Despite the name, these packs are not exclusive to new collectors! All collectors are welcome!

Your Collection Starts Here.

Starter Pack

Pack Details

Name:  Starter Pack

Price:     $9 Each

Each Pack Contains 3 Collectibles

  • 1x Artist or Label Card
  • 1x Musical Release Track
  • 1x Late Night Pizza Artifact (part of the RCRDSHP Neon Genesis Set)
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